Translation Services Solutions

Translation Services Solutions for your E-commerce Business

Translation Services Types:

  1. Specialized translation
  2. Sworn translation
  3. General translation


Specialized translation

Because translation requires specialists, our management team has at its disposal a wide network of linguists, specializing not only in language, but in sectors we work with. For our team, there are three levels of expertise: the linguistic, the industry and the most important of all: the customer. We create teams specialized in the terminology of each client.

Sworn translation

Public tenders, contracts, records in new markets, annual accounts… On many occasions, our customers require translations with certification appropriate to the country where you need to submit this documentation. Word Works has collaborators around the world to ensure that the documentation not only translates but complies with the legal requirements.

General translation

Management of translation projects is our spinal cord, our motor and the window that connects us with the world through our great team. The experience and learning that we have acquired over the years we have become much more than a translation agency. In Word Works, with quality, we manage any linguistic need that our customers present us.

OTHER Services


Occasionally, and for very different reasons, there are audio or video files that need to be captured on paper. The transcription is also a basic step in any process of audiovisual translation. We will meet your expectations with our internal team of professionals and specialized transcribers, regardless of the format of your video or audio and recording the language combination you need.

On the basis of any audio in any format we can extract the text for further treatment. Either for subsequent translation or layout.

Machine translation and post-editing

The use of automatic translation is essential every day, not only in our industry, but on the day of each internet user. There are different tools whose misuse generates a large collection of anecdotes. That doesn’t mean to make machine translation today, more than ever, a reality.

In Word Works we have professional translation services engines which ensure the confidentiality of your documentation, something that many people forget to use free engines online. Depending on the sector, the language combination and, above all, the end use that is going to give to the text, put at your disposal our translation accompanied by a professional service of post-editing, automatic solution. Please contact us for more information.

Tran’s creation

Sometimes a translation is not enough, even large native-speaking professionals may not be able to adapt a text to a specific market. So these texts to reach a target audience it is necessary to provide an essence of the values of this sector and this can be done only professionals highly specialized in marketing.

We have professionals in the advertising and marketing around the world dealing with customizing your message to the market that is aimed.

Technical writing

Always supporting us in our team of professionals in each sector, we put at the disposal of our clients writing service. In recent years, we have collaborated in writing not only user manuals and technical but also informative and specialized articles.

In addition to this, we collaborate in generating content for social networking and professional platforms.