Sworn translations for citizenship

Our agency help every week, many customers to carry out the paperwork to request Italian citizenship.

It is necessary in fact presenting Immigration counter several documents, some of which must be submitted translated with full legal validity. In this case we move in us: we are highly specialized in citizenship practices and we will be happy to help you with our experience all who come to us.

The necessary practice

For applying for Italian citizenship will always require the original foreign document have the apostille legalization for Italy, then we will the certified translation and We will complete and ready to use, sending the original paper throughout the Italian with currier.

The required documents

Italian citizenship can take you in different ways and for different reasons; here are those that require certified translations of official documents:

For residence – you must present certified translation of the full birth certificate of the applicant and of the police certificate from the country of origin (to be used in original)

By birth – will require certified translation of documents showing the lineage from avo Italian (civil status document of birth, marriage certificate)

Wedding dress with Italian citizen – you must present certified translation of birth certificate, criminal record certificate, copy of the Passport; the certificate of residence may be required and if written in a foreign language of the certificate of marriage and family status; where necessary any judgments relating to divorce or cancellations of previous marriages of foreign nationals

Attention: we have listed as an example for the different practices as regards only the translation of the documents required; for detailed information about all necessary documents it is important to check with the relevant authorities.

Legalized translations for foreign citizenship

We are at your service to take care of legalized translations needed to take foreign citizenship.

If you are Italian citizen and you have to apply for citizenship in another country you will be prompted for sworn translations and legalized by several documents. Some of them will be: birth records, criminal and carichi pendenti, marital status, marriage.

Well informed with foreign authorities and then contact the Agency our team is at your disposal to help you in this practice legal.

The necessary practice

For applying for foreign citizenship will always be original Italian documents indicate the legalization aimed at foreign country of reference (apostille or not), then we will the translation a certified complete legalization for use abroad and will return them to the customer in the original shipping with the carrier worldwide.

We’re here for you!

Practice for applying for citizenship can be a grueling bureaucratic process: turn to experienced professionals is essential; the staff of knows for sure what are the steps to follow and put your experience in customer service for the avoidance of doubt and deal with serenity and security legally required Chinese translations.