Translation Services Solutions

Translation Services Solutions for your E-commerce Business

Translation Services Types:

  1. Specialized translation
  2. Sworn translation
  3. General translation


Specialized translation

Because translation requires specialists, our management team has at its disposal a wide network of linguists, specializing not only in language, but in sectors we work with. For our team, there are three levels of expertise: the linguistic, the industry and the most important of all: the customer. We create teams specialized in the terminology of each client.

Sworn translation

Public tenders, contracts, records in new markets, annual accounts… On many occasions, our customers require translations with certification appropriate to the country where you need to submit this documentation. Word Works has collaborators around the world to ensure that the documentation not only translates but complies with the legal requirements.

General translation

Management of translation projects is our spinal cord, our motor and the window that connects us with the world through our great team. The experience and learning that we have acquired over the years we have become much more than a translation agency. In Word Works, with quality, we manage any linguistic need that our customers present us.

OTHER Services


Occasionally, and for very different reasons, there are audio or video files that need to be captured on paper. The transcription is also a basic step in any process of audiovisual translation. We will meet your expectations with our internal team of professionals and specialized transcribers, regardless of the format of your video or audio and recording the language combination you need.

On the basis of any audio in any format we can extract the text for further treatment. Either for subsequent translation or layout.

Machine translation and post-editing

The use of automatic translation is essential every day, not only in our industry, but on the day of each internet user. There are different tools whose misuse generates a large collection of anecdotes. That doesn’t mean to make machine translation today, more than ever, a reality.

In Word Works we have professional translation services engines which ensure the confidentiality of your documentation, something that many people forget to use free engines online. Depending on the sector, the language combination and, above all, the end use that is going to give to the text, put at your disposal our translation accompanied by a professional service of post-editing, automatic solution. Please contact us for more information.

Tran’s creation

Sometimes a translation is not enough, even large native-speaking professionals may not be able to adapt a text to a specific market. So these texts to reach a target audience it is necessary to provide an essence of the values of this sector and this can be done only professionals highly specialized in marketing.

We have professionals in the advertising and marketing around the world dealing with customizing your message to the market that is aimed.

Technical writing

Always supporting us in our team of professionals in each sector, we put at the disposal of our clients writing service. In recent years, we have collaborated in writing not only user manuals and technical but also informative and specialized articles.

In addition to this, we collaborate in generating content for social networking and professional platforms.

Online Grocery Store Toronto

Online Grocery Store Toronto

Have you ever called in your take out food delivery order just to find out later that your address was misheard over the phone? A few years ago there were just a few different web sites that we’d use to place an order online but recently a number of new competitors have entered the space. Order Indian food is the great restaurant delivery Pressure & Power Washing Toronto take out service that give unmatchable food take out and food to go. Don’t wait just take you phone and call on 647.347.3457 to order online Indian food and make your day ‘A Wonderful day.

As we have many dishes at our restaurant 309 dhaba we can deliver order indina food at your doorstep too, there are a multitude of culinary styles to choose from. But honestly difficult to use when travelling, checked out items but unable to submit order. Thai One On is serving up authentic Thai cuisine by a group of individuals who have a love for food and aimed at bringing the authentic Thai taste to Canada.

You may find many Indian cuisine restaurants Toronto but cooking Indian cuisine is not just a matter of few spices, recipes for Indian cuisine we have, is just beyond your expectation that you will not stop thinking off it. Why ‘dhaba’ is special! WHAT: Vegan Indian dishes—chaat salad, timpa wheels, banana curry—delivered in tiffins (traditional Indian lunch containers) for immediate eating, or in refrigerated jars.

Our unique menu contains all celebrated Japanese dishes that can be ordered via JUSTEAT if you want a local food delivery in Toronto. Partner with a dedicated success manager to develop strategies that will drive more online and mobile orders. We have long List of testy food like In indindian food chicken curry Indian restaurant tandoori , indian food cuisine, indian food chicken curry And many more.

It’s mentioned clearly that i have two items in the order form and your rider told me he thought the complimentaty soup is my second order. Create an account to enjoy great everyday prices, weekly sales and to reserve a delivery window for fresh groceries to greet you at your door.

Tips on how to prevent food poisoning

Tips on how to prevent food poisoning

Food poisoning can get very severe and can get your cash wasted by all the doctor visits. So you should prevent it from even entering your house by following some precautionary measures.

Some tips on how to prevent food poisoning from entering your house are:

  1. Cleanliness is the key to poisoning-free world. Keep everything in your house clean and dry. Keep your utensils clean because mostly food poisoning spreads through unclean utensils. Wash your hands before cooking or, even more, eating, also wash hands with a good soap of well-known company.
  2. Clean meat and vegetables before cooking or before eating them raw. Make sure you don’t place the cooked food in the same plate in which raw food is placed. This will encourage bacteria to cross contaminate. You will think that you are eating a perfectly safe meal but you will soon get food poisoning.
  3. Food poisoning is mostly spread through water so take care while handling it. Make sure you boil it first before using it. Also do not use different colored water or water that does not smell right. Also check water before giving it to your loved ones that it may not be contaminated because contaminated water causes food poisoning.
  4. Do not eat leftovers cold because they were in your fridge overnight and bacteria might have developed in it. Always heat your leftover on heat to make sure that they are not contaminated. Make sure you bring your food to boil while heating your meal. Never give unheated leftover to your little one who is more prone to food poisoning.
  5. Check the expiry date of the processed food before eating or before giving it to your child. Even if it has expired one day ago, throw it away because the chemicals present in it for preservation have changed with time making it poisonous to humans. That is why the expiry date is there for a reason. Do not give it to you pet either because pets are also prone to food poisoning, moreover pets are not trash cans. So better throw it in real trash cans.
  6. Do not eat uncooked or raw meat. They always have bad bacteria in them which will cause food poisoning later. If you are at a restaurant ask for properly cooked food because restaurants work in highly unhygienic conditions and also they do not wash their hands properly before serving hence causing food poisoning.
  7. Do not eat cheese or bread showing green stains on its top. This stain is fungus that has grown on top of the dairy product. Throw this away because it will now cause food poisoning. Your diary product has expired and now cannot be used. The food poisoning caused by dairy products is of different type.

These are some of the tips on how to keep your house and loved ones free from food poisoning. By making these tips part of your routine, you will keep everyone safe including your lovely pet.

Complete list of symptoms of food poisoning

Getting Started In League of Legends Account

Starting out in Category of Stories could be a job. The training curve is significantly high and people can be quite daunting. From that great enjoyment of Category of stories nevertheless this will not keep you. This short article may define the actions commence possessing and to conquer the training curve in Category of Stories! league of legends account

First of all you’ve TO OBTAIN THE SPORT! I understand without declaring but I thought I would aswell protect the entire procedure it will proceed. To starting out in Category of Stories the initial step would be to really obtain the sport. It’s available online free of charge. I’ve incorporated a the sign-up at this article’s bottom.

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How to Use Islamic Emojis on Ipad

When composing communications from your own pc maybe you have applied emoticons? I am sure the majority of US have. They’re truly awesome, they appear good, they put in your communication and a ton. Today, something that’s truly useful to make use of about the iPad is emoticons. Lots of individuals are underneath the impact they do not occur when you’re creating simply because they do not seem everywhere. Nowadays, in this essay I’m likely to educate you on just how to trigger islamic emojis or emoticons because they are recognized about the iPad.

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The Lean Belly Breakthrough Reviews to Lose Belly Fat

Jelly Belly. Love Handles. Muffin Tops. Belly-Fat. Call it that which you desire, the fact remains that unwelcome belly fat, or ” ” is seriously unsafe compared to the ridiculous labels we reference it as. Believe you understand all there is about that unwanted weight round the midriff? Below are a few specifics that may not simply shock, but DISTRESS you regarding problems of excess fat across the lean belly breakthrough reviews.

1. Decline the Spare Tire, and Sacrifice Your Daily Life
Belly fat, encompassing the organs and when concealed under the muscle, is recognized as visceral fat. Unlike whenever you jump up and down the fat that jiggles, this visceral belly-fat truly turns into an ” endocrine organ “. it is not as unsafe since the stomach flab you do not see, the belly that is visceral fat, although the belly flab you’ll be able to see on the exterior is visually unattractive. Fat encompasses areas that are important and it is responsible for what’s known as metabolic syndrome.


These affected by metabolic syndrome have a rise of insulin-resistance free fatty acids and elevated blood pressure. This risky group of diseases makes those with a big waste area 4-5 times likelier to die from activities such as swing and coronary arrest. Reduced amount of this fat not simply will help you look better, but may also keep your life.

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Vital Pieces of Buy Youtube Views

Vital Pieces of Buy Youtube Views

YouTube presents such a wide array of content you could pretty much find anything and everything you are searching for. For a company owner, YouTube is too good a chance to overlook. Youtube is presently one of the most visited sites and is a rather important and useful platform for video advertising. While YouTube is a superb place to watch various sorts of videos, it is necessary to keep 1 thing in mind. YouTube is now an extremely mature platform, with many examples it is possible to follow. Using YouTube to acquire traffic is a superb means to have the word out about your site.

Video doesn’t need to be fancy to have views and convert. Finally, as soon as a video is published on YouTube, it is easily distributed on many other platforms as a way to widen the reach. There are many funny YouTube videos it’s possible to discover online today.Buy youtube views

The Secret to Buy Youtube Views

Despite that, everybody is watching YouTube. YouTube has come to be among the most visited websites on the net. Also, YouTube really isn’t the place to give out all of the info regarding your business. YouTube is without question the largest video sharing website on earth. YouTube is among the most useful advertising tools out there. YouTube is among the most high traffic sites on the planet because people like to watch videos.

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