First Day With Your New Puppy

Your puppy’s first day home with your family is a special day. Everyone is trying to find their new position in the household. There are new responsibilities, new adventures, and new toys everywhere!

Bringing a new puppy home is exciting but it can also be quite expensive, exhausting, and scary. A puppy’s needs are not unlike any new addition to the family. He needs lots of love, patience, and kindness, but he also needs clear rules and expectations from day one. He will need a place of his own and a safe environment all around him. Whether you are adding a Mastiff puppy to a household already teaming with children and pets, or a Chihuahua puppy who will be your sole companion, you will find that very special accommodations need to be made to insure the health, happiness, and well being of your new friend and her new family.

puppy day

Preparations for a new puppy should begin well before she ever romps across your living room or leaves her footprints in the grass outside. Your family should be made aware of the way having a puppy can change the structure in your home. Children need to understand that puppies are not toys and can not be treated as such. Everyone needs to know that anything left out will get chewed, messes will get made, and puppy will need to sleep as much as she will need to play.

Make sure children are taught to be careful when handling a puppy and small children should NEVER carry a puppy around. An adult should monitor interactions with small children at all times. Some puppies are very fragile and all puppies are wiggly, and rambunctious. Children should be taught to treat a puppy with respect. Children should never be in charge of discipline or correction of behavior.

If you are introducing a puppy to children in your home, make sure you lay down ground rules first. The children should be clear on what the rules and expectations are before you start to teach them to the puppy. If a small child would like to hold the puppy she should first sit down so when the puppy wriggles away, she won’t fall and get hurt.

Some basic rules should include: national puppy day why?

1. Pick up your toys…or they may get ruined.

2. Don’t wake a sleeping puppy. She needs her rest.

3. Don’t interrupt a puppy who is eating. You might get bit.

4. Don’t carry a puppy around. Puppies break when dropped.

5. Don’t hit a puppy. It’s an adult’s job to discipline.

6. Treat a puppy like a friend, not a toy.