Different types of indoor grills

Different types of indoor grills

Indoor grills are much in-demand these days. This is the easier way of cooking your favorite, yummy grilled food without having to deal with all the charcoal or wood hassle. Indoor grills also make you worry less about the smoke since most grills do not generate smoke. It is also much easier to clean the indoor grills as all parts of this grill are detachable. There is a grill plate as well that collects all excess oil. So with cooking fun and cleaning even easier – the indoor grill tops are definitely worthy to invest in. There are many different types of indoor grills that are available for people to choose from as well. Let’s take a look at the common types!

Types of indoor grills

Interestingly, there are a few different types of indoor grills that are available for the users to choose from. There are two basic categorizations that are made.

  1. Countertop indoor grills
  2. Rangetop indoor grills

Offering customers even a greater variety of products to choose from; the indoor grills are further sub-divided into many other types as well. The countertop grill, for instance, is further divided into two categories; the single-open top grill and the dual-sided grill. The rangetop grills are more popular than all other types. They are also known as the stove top grills and are basically inspired from outdoor grills but are meant for indoor use. The stovetop grill sits over the stove or cooking range and uses the direct heat source for cooking purposes. However, if we choose to look at the bigger picture, it is pretty obvious that there are basically two types of indoor grills.

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Countertop indoor grills

Countertop indoor grills sit on the counters and usually are electric. There are two types of countertop indoor grills; the one-side open that comes with a top cover lid and a dual-sided grill as well. This one can be used from both sides.

Highlight features

  • The countertop grills usually come with a top lid cover that covers the cooking surface while food cooks.
  • The cover lid is usually made of glass to enable people to monitor the food they cook.
  • There is a greased pan attached to the countertop grill that collects all excess oil and residue.
  • The front of the grill comes with interactive LED indicator lights. This indicates when the grill is switched on and off.
  • The plates of the grill are 100% non-stick which prevents any grilling food from sticking to the surface. It also makes alter cleaning easier.
  • There is one type of grill that is electric grill you should buy best electric grill and before that Read Electric Grill Reviews for better choice

Stovetop indoor grills

Stovetop grills sit over the cooking range top or the stove. They use the electric or gas heat source to cook food from your cooking range. The stovetop grills cook all types of proteins to perfection.

Highlight features

  • The one thing that makes the stove top grills stand out are its wide array of attractive colors to choose from. Looks are an important highlight feature for these grills.
  • It promises super efficient power usage. Basically the main energy source for stove top is the direct heat from the stove.
  • The stovetop grill comes with a very solid and highly durable lid cover made of stainless steel.
  • These grills do not generate any smoke whilst functioning. All grilling is done indoors over the stove heat without any smoke.
  • There are dual or more burners that offer more space as well as more control for the users.