Xiaomi MI 6: Another masterpiece by Xiaomi to compete top models

Xiaomi MI 6: Another masterpiece by Xiaomi to compete top models

Xiaomi has made its name for making high specification mobile phone models at highly affordable rates. Their mobile phones come with top features and classic specifications and the price tag that comes along will tempt you to buy it. One of their amazing models is the Xiaomi Mi 6 which comes in two variants. In this article, we will consider giving you an overview of the mobile.


Xiaomi has been creating some remarkable mobiles now since some time. It has given it recognition in the international market. They are making progress at a very rapid rate. The Mi 6 is a model that they have manufactured considering the needs of people and also keeping an eye at the top mobiles in the market. One of the emerging brands is OnePlus and there has always been a great competition between the two brands. The Mi 6 comes with 5.15 inches screen and there are two variants in it. One is the 4GB 64GB device while the other is 6 GB 128 GB.


The 5.15 inches screen makes the mobile appropriate for any hand. It comes with the eye protection that secures your eyes from the harmful radiation that comes out from the mobile display. Moreover, the sturdy glass and Ultra HD display allows you to see flawless colors and makes it a great phone considering the display and visual. The screen is multi touch and the pixel density per inch is 428.

Operating system

The Xiaomi mobiles operate on the MIUI OS designed solely by the company itself. However, they use the android which makes the Mi 6 an android phone. The features of Android, in combination with the MIUI skin, makes the user experience something brilliant.

Other system information

The CPU you will find in this model is the Snapdragon 835. It has an octa core 2.45 GHz processor which makes its operation lightning fast. The 64 GB ROM (which can be 128 GB too depending on the variant you buy), allows you to install heavy games that you can run with its CPU. The Adreno 540 acts as GPU and allows you to have a non-stop, smooth and flawless operation. With 6GB RAM, you can run multiple functions alongside without being worried that the device will get stuck.


One of the most vital things that people consider while buying a mobile phone is its camera. The Xiaomi Mi 6 has a zoom dual 12.0 MP back camera which let you take some mesmerizing photos. The 8.0 MP front cam will be enough to satisfy your selfie needs. With beauty and PDAF support, you can be sure to perform multiple tricks with it.


In short, the Mi 6 has almost everything that anyone needs. It is currently battling with the Huaweii P10 and the OnePlus 5. If you are a person that is on a tight budget and is looking for a mobile phone that offers decent features, you may like to give a try to this model by Xiaomi.


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