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Then I discovered that HubPages has tightened their content material guidelines, as far as women in swimsuits. I did but the person over the other web site appeared to be on a vengeful spree. Each time I asked a query, another of my hubs get flagged. I’m almost afraid to ask now. Primarily based upon an email to me from workers underwear, lingerie and pics that focus solely on one physique half just like the rear finish or breasts are a no go. So your first pic fails on two counts: underwear and a bottom closeup.

i had that exact same problem earlier than i printed my kick ass film evaluate, as it saved popping up as adult content earlier than I published it. therefore, i had to e-mail the hubpages workers to find out exactly why they found my content so adult oriented and ask for their recommendation. my … Read more

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Most internet pages load a lot of sub-assets reminiscent of pictures, model sheets (CSS), JavaScript information, internet fonts, audio or video information and other net pages in frames. Every of these sub-sources may be loaded from the same server (first-occasion resource) or servers belonging to other parties (third-celebration assets). In the latter case, the third-party will see a request coming out of your browser with the information on the originating page and it may well set its personal cookies, both of that are steadily used for person monitoring. Observe that the cookies set by these sub-sources are already recorded in our cookie statistics for this web page.

Persistent cookies are the cookies which might be preserved by browser shutdowns. This means, even should you close this page at present and ever return there in future, the website will know you are a returning customer. This can be used for “bear … Read more