Sworn translations for citizenship

Our agency help every week, many customers to carry out the paperwork to request Italian citizenship.

It is necessary in fact presenting Immigration counter several documents, some of which must be submitted translated with full legal validity. In this case we move in us: we are highly specialized in citizenship practices and we will be happy to help you with our experience all who come to us.

The necessary practice

For applying for Italian citizenship will always require the original foreign document have the apostille legalization for Italy, then we will the certified translation and We will complete and ready to use, sending the original paper throughout the Italian with currier.

The required documents

Italian citizenship can take you in different ways and for different reasons; here are those that require certified translations of official documents:

For residence – you must present certified translation of the full birth certificate of the applicant and of the police certificate from the country of origin (to be used in original)

By birth – will require certified translation of documents showing the lineage from avo Italian (civil status document of birth, marriage certificate)

Wedding dress with Italian citizen – you must present certified translation of birth certificate, criminal record certificate, copy of the Passport; the certificate of residence may be required and if written in a foreign language of the certificate of marriage and family status; where necessary any judgments relating to divorce or cancellations of previous marriages of foreign nationals

Attention: we have listed as an example for the different practices as regards only the translation of the documents required; for detailed information about all necessary documents it is important to check with the relevant authorities.

Legalized translations for foreign citizenship

We are at your service to take care of legalized translations needed to take foreign citizenship.

If you are Italian citizen and you have to apply for citizenship in another country you will be prompted for sworn translations and legalized by several documents. Some of them will be: birth records, criminal and carichi pendenti, marital status, marriage.

Well informed with foreign authorities and then contact the Agency our team is at your disposal to help you in this practice legal.

The necessary practice

For applying for foreign citizenship will always be original Italian documents indicate the legalization aimed at foreign country of reference (apostille or not), then we will the translation a certified complete legalization for use abroad and will return them to the customer in the original shipping with the carrier worldwide.

We’re here for you!

Practice for applying for citizenship can be a grueling bureaucratic process: turn to experienced professionals is essential; the staff of knows for sure what are the steps to follow and put your experience in customer service for the avoidance of doubt and deal with serenity and security legally required Chinese translations.

Winter Menswear Trends to Look Out For

Winter is almost here, and it’s time for men to brush up on ten leading menswear trends that are going to be all the rage this season. The Fall/Winter 2017-18 shows have predicted what’s going to be fashionable and what should leave your closet. Designers are going back to basics, and some exciting new trends have shown up on the runway. So, here is the ultimate guide to the winter menswear trends you should look out for. From cut, fit, colour and fabric here are all you need to know to stay ahead of the crowd this winter.


Surprisingly, corduroy is back in a big way this season whether it’s Fendi, Prada, Hermes or Armani. Get ready for some 70s nostalgia, and if you didn’t live through it the first time, you could experience the glory decade looking super stylish. Whether it’s a slim cut cord suit or relaxed trousers, there has to be some corduroy in your wardrobe. You can even try to pair it up with a leather jacket for a little rock-n-roll remix. If you want to play it cool, pair a corduroy jacket or slack with something muted or monotone.


There has been some major quilting on the runway this year. While it has always been a favourite for Ralph Lauren, we got to see more quilted styles from labels like Dries Van Noten, Craig Green and ErmenegildoZegna. Quilted bombers, quilted moto jackets and even blazers are going to be all the rage this season. Stock up on a quilted padded bomber jacket from Calvin Klein to look stylish and stay warm.

Moss Green

While foliage is scarce these days, the runways from London, Paris and Milan fashion weeks have made up more than enough for the lack of greenery. A vibrant mossy olive green is going to be everywhere this season. Labels like E Tautz, Missoni, Valentino and Fendi just couldn’t get enough of it. It showed up on everything from suits to streetwear, and this is a trend that you just can’t ignore. The neutral tones are so easy to pull off, and moss green is a colour that can complement absolutely any complexion.

Fiery Orange

A bright sunrise orange is a menswear trend this winter, although it is probably not meant for the faint-hearted. The hip psychedelic tones are going to set streetwear on fire, and everyone from Dior to Givenchy thinks so. Use a bright pop of orange in your t-shirt or knitted wear to pull off this runway trend in style.

Silk Shirts

Nothing can beat silk when it comes to class and elegance and designers have created some very tasteful work this season. Silk shirts have been shown by Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Katie Eary and others. While silk shirts might sound tacky, they can become your new favourite party shirt if styled carefully. Wear a silk shirt with neutrals to avoid any clashing from happening or wear it unbuttoned over a solid tee to look extremely trendy.

Football Scarves

Football fan scarves are the accessory of the season. Greenlighted by Vetements and Gosha Rubchinskiy, football scarves are a must-have in your wardrobe this winter and especially if you’re a fan. Gosha Rubchinskiy has even launched a long-term collab with Adidas Football with a logo fan scarf.

Roll Necks

If you’re someone who’s wary of fashion trends because comfort comes first, then roll necks are perfect for you. Stay snug and warm while looking absolutely fashion forward with a big dramatic roll neck. It has been one of the most noticeable menswear trends this season with everyone from Louis Vuitton, Versace, Agi and Sam, Casely-Hayford and Dries Van Noten featuring it.

Leather Trousers

Leather is back with a bang, and it’s time to act on your rock n roll fantasies. Whether its sporty, retro or pop-art leather, trousers were all over the runway this season with Hermes, Prada and Maison Margiela. Put on some leather pants this winter and look all around irresistible.

All Camel

Camel is a colour that designers have sworn for the season. We saw a whole lot of all camel outfits coming from MSGM, ErmenegildoZegna, Berluti, Ami and Canali. Camel suits look super classy, and this is a must-have for your winter wardrobe. The more skilled stylists should try mixing shades and patterns for maximum impact. Those who might be a little afraid to go all camel, why not try to break up the monotony with a little pop of cream or navy.

Sewn-in Slogans

This has to be the coolest trend from this year’s runway. Valentino, Raf Simons, Dior Homme and Fendi have emphasised colourful slogans while sewing them directly into the knitwear. The slogan itself makes a bold statement so you should try to keep everything else subtle. Dealvoucherz.com

Translation Services Solutions

Translation Services Solutions for your E-commerce Business

Translation Services Types:

  1. Specialized translation
  2. Sworn translation
  3. General translation


Specialized translation

Because translation requires specialists, our management team has at its disposal a wide network of linguists, specializing not only in language, but in sectors we work with. For our team, there are three levels of expertise: the linguistic, the industry and the most important of all: the customer. We create teams specialized in the terminology of each client.

Sworn translation

Public tenders, contracts, records in new markets, annual accounts… On many occasions, our customers require translations with certification appropriate to the country where you need to submit this documentation. Word Works has collaborators around the world to ensure that the documentation not only translates but complies with the legal requirements.

General translation

Management of translation projects is our spinal cord, our motor and the window that connects us with the world through our great team. The experience and learning that we have acquired over the years we have become much more than a translation agency. In Word Works, with quality, we manage any linguistic need that our customers present us.

OTHER Services


Occasionally, and for very different reasons, there are audio or video files that need to be captured on paper. The transcription is also a basic step in any process of audiovisual translation. We will meet your expectations with our internal team of professionals and specialized transcribers, regardless of the format of your video or audio and recording the language combination you need.

On the basis of any audio in any format we can extract the text for further treatment. Either for subsequent translation or layout.

Machine translation and post-editing

The use of automatic translation is essential every day, not only in our industry, but on the day of each internet user. There are different tools whose misuse generates a large collection of anecdotes. That doesn’t mean to make machine translation today, more than ever, a reality.

In Word Works we have professional translation services engines which ensure the confidentiality of your documentation, something that many people forget to use free engines online. Depending on the sector, the language combination and, above all, the end use that is going to give to the text, put at your disposal our translation accompanied by a professional service of post-editing, automatic solution. Please contact us for more information.

Tran’s creation

Sometimes a translation is not enough, even large native-speaking professionals may not be able to adapt a text to a specific market. So these texts to reach a target audience it is necessary to provide an essence of the values of this sector and this can be done only professionals highly specialized in marketing.

We have professionals in the advertising and marketing around the world dealing with customizing your message to the market that is aimed.

Technical writing

Always supporting us in our team of professionals in each sector, we put at the disposal of our clients writing service. In recent years, we have collaborated in writing not only user manuals and technical but also informative and specialized articles.

In addition to this, we collaborate in generating content for social networking and professional platforms.

Vital Pieces of Buy Youtube Views

Vital Pieces of Buy Youtube Views

YouTube presents such a wide array of content you could pretty much find anything and everything you are searching for. For a company owner, YouTube is too good a chance to overlook. Youtube is presently one of the most visited sites and is a rather important and useful platform for video advertising. While YouTube is a superb place to watch various sorts of videos, it is necessary to keep 1 thing in mind. YouTube is now an extremely mature platform, with many examples it is possible to follow. Using YouTube to acquire traffic is a superb means to have the word out about your site.

Video doesn’t need to be fancy to have views and convert. Finally, as soon as a video is published on YouTube, it is easily distributed on many other platforms as a way to widen the reach. There are many funny YouTube videos it’s possible to discover online today.Buy youtube views

The Secret to Buy Youtube Views

Despite that, everybody is watching YouTube. YouTube has come to be among the most visited websites on the net. Also, YouTube really isn’t the place to give out all of the info regarding your business. YouTube is without question the largest video sharing website on earth. YouTube is among the most useful advertising tools out there. YouTube is among the most high traffic sites on the planet because people like to watch videos.

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