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i had that exact same drawback earlier than i revealed my kick ass movie overview, as it stored popping up as grownup content before I revealed it. therefore, i needed to e-mail the hubpages employees to seek out out precisely why they discovered my content so adult oriented and ask for his or her advice. my solely recommendation to you is to do the identical. simply contact the hubpages directors and ask them to look at your hub, and let you know what precisely is causing it to be flagged as grownup content. likelihood is it will both be a computer error like it was for me (as a result of the movie i was reviewing was known as “kick-ass” so the phrase “ass” routinely registered my hub as adult content), or they will simply merely recommend adjustments you can also make.

HTML5 LocalStorage is client-aspect storage introduced by HTML5 … Read more


HTML5 LocalStorage is consumer-aspect storage introduced by HTML5 and supported by all major browsers. Knowledge stored there is not despatched robotically by the browser (in contrast to HTTP cookies) but is accessible to JavaScript code permanently, until deleted by the applying or cleaned manually by the consumer. These object will be thus compared to first-party persistent cookies from privateness perspective.

Can somebody tell me why this hub of mine has been marked as having adult content? Appeared alright to me. I not too long ago had a couple of my hubs(photograph) flagged for adult content as effectively. It can’t be the underwear and bottom alone. I have seen more offending footage in different people’s hubs. Session cookies are cleared whenever you shut your browser and permit the website to identify person’s state — equivalent to logged-in users. They are principally thought of harmless because they cannot be used for long-time … Read more

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Privateness Influence Score is a rating reflecting total cookie-associated impression of the web site relative to other web sites, primarily making an allowance for the number of third-get together domains it studies to and variety of persistent cookies it sets. See Privacy Influence Rating article for extra particulars. Since there’s a limited staff on on the weekend, I misplaced them for 2 days. If I seem somewhat put out, I am, because the traffic to those hubs is near about four hundred views a day, every.

Then I came upon that HubPages has tightened their content guidelines, as far as girls in swimsuits. I did however the person over the other site seemed to be on a vengeful spree. Each time I asked a query, another of my hubs get flagged. I am nearly afraid to ask now. Primarily based upon an electronic mail to me from employees underwear, lingerie … Read more


HTML5 SessionStorage is client-aspect storage introduced by HTML5 and supported by all main browsers. Data stored there may be not sent automatically by the browser (in contrast to HTTP cookies) however is accessible to JavaScript code in the course of the browser session only, so till the browser window or tab is closed. These object will be thus compared to first-get together session cookies from privateness perspective.

Third-celebration domains is the count of organisations allowed by the webmaster to hint your across the positioning. These cookies may be set for various purposes, like tracking advertisements displayed on the web site, collection of statistics, targeted advertising and many others. This website permits 24 different web sites to trace your activity. The header is not in enforcement mode and it gives no precise protection to the customers. Please take into account switching the enforcement mode through the use of Content material-Safety-Coverage header.… Read more